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Spirited Scents


in a bowl

Hohm Spirited Scents introduce an exciting new way of enjoying home fragrances, combining the relaxing properties of beautiful fragrances with the transformative power of meditation.


The raw beauty of New Zealand's thermal heart inspired the team behind Hohm to make lava stone the rock star of your Hohm experience.


Lava stone is known for its grounding qualities, strengthening your connection to Mother Earth while calming intense emotions. It is also naturally porous, making it a perfectly clean and powerful diffuser-carrier that helps the olfactory Hohm oils to perform their purifying properties on your limbic system.


The scent-infused selection of lava stones is carefully placed in a beautiful copper-plated vessel that resembles a Tibetan singing bowl, filling your home or work space with the timeless qualities of calm, clarity and contentment.


Hohm is dedicated to infusing your life with a touch of mindfulness. Whether you choose Be Serene, Stress Less or Find Focus, your Hohm fragrance comes with its very own inspirational video meditation that will help you recharge every time you need a bit of a spiritual boost.


Hohm is the new home fragrances brand by internationally renowned mindfulness expert Marisa Garau and award-winning designer Arjan van Woensel. From their estate in Mangawhai, they run their online mindfulness platform and produce organic extra virgin olive oil. Their love for New Zealand and their dedication to mindfulness inspired them to create Hohm Spirited Scents. 


“We believe that our surroundings greatly influence the way you feel and respond to things. That’s why we take great care in the design and scents for Hohm” says Arjan when asked why they started Hohm. Marisa adds: “For me, mindfulness has given me so much, made my life so much richer and more colourful, that I want to share the goodness of being present and aware in the moment with as many people as possible.” A home fragrance product with a mindfulness twist, that’s what Hohm is all about.

The Hohm team

We are a cooperative of two minds

Beautiful Fragrances

Timeless Elegance

Natural Lava Stones

Guided Meditations

Marisa Garau

Arjan van Woensel

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