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We believe in the power of meditation and the effect fragrances can have on our moods. That's why your Hohm Spirited Scent comes with a dedicated meditation that will enhance the healing qualities of aromatherapy.

Why a meditation with the product?


How does it work?

Hohm disperses its beautiful scents with lava stones. Lava stones are very porous by nature, and well suited for carrying and slowly releasing the scented oils that they are doused in.

Do I need to heat my Hohm bowl?

No heating whatsoever is needed to make the lava rocks diffuse their scents. Room temperature is enough to release the fragrances. Simply open the lid and let the scents fill your space.

Every Hohm product comes with a small top-up dripper bottle. The size of it already suggests you won't be needing much of the scented oil. How often you'd need to top-up totally depends on how much you use Hohm — how long the bowl is open to the air. Just a few drops of the scented oil are enough to boost your Hohm fragrance again.

You can buy your Hohm product right here on our website, or visit one of our retailers if you want to see and smell the product in real life.

Where can I buy Hohm?

Is it safe to use?

How do I get the meditation?

Every Hohm bowl comes with its own unique code that you can find in the box. You simply email that code to and you'll get the guided meditation delivered to your inbox.

Do I need to top up much?

The scented oils we use in Hohm fragrances are free of phthalates, so not harmful in any way. And because no flame or electricity is needed to make the oils diffuse, it's safer than candles or electric diffusers.

Are you based in New Zealand?

Yes! We create our product from out of the beautiful coastal town of Mangawhai and we get our lava stones from the Taupo area.

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