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Stress Less

Color: Copper

Hohm features natural lava rocks from New Zealand, doused in pure scented oil and nestled in our signature Tibetan-inspired copper vessel. The feel-good fragrance, 20ml top-up bottle and dedicated video meditation will enrich your home and enlighten your mind. 


Different from scented candles, Hohm Spirited Scents safely diffuse without heating. While candles often burn inconsistently, their wickers giving up halfway down the glass, Hohm’s naturally porous lava rocks keep diffusing their beautiful fragrance 10x longer than candles. When the fragrance becomes less intense, simply top up your Hohm by adding a few drops from the 20ml top-up bottle to the lava stones.

  • STRESS LESS guards you against stress triggers and helps build a firm foundation of self-confidence to keep you grounded at all times.

    The grounding properties of black lava rock are perfect for calming your mind and emotions. Considered to be a stone of rebirth, lava offers the nurturing power of Mother Earth to help you bring balance to your center and cultivate inner peace.